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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  December 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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helped improve your image. >> we have the incumbent president. he better be first next year. >> the feud he had with the hope and now she most admired. he would consider that a good sign. he will say the people like me. >> any more, thank you for participating in the most ridiculous panel that we have ever done. that does it for this hour. mtp daily starts now. >> if it's wednesday, the obama administration sends a shot to the incoming white house team. tonight transition trouble? the president and the president-elect crashing on several fronts including the mideast. >> president obama and i know that the incoming administration signalled that they may take a different path. >> cyber sanctions.
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obama and trump at odds over russia too as the u.s. readies retaliation for its election interference. the new year's purge. bidding a farewell to 2016. this is "mtp daily" and it starts now. tonight for chuck todd, mc to "mtp daily" and welcome to a clash of titans. obama, trump, netanyahu and even putin. this was a wild day of confrontations between the outgoing and the inmi. including allies. one thing that is for certain is three weeks to go and the obama administration made it clear they will not go quietly on matters of national security and foreign policy confronting israel or russian hacking.
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today john kerry had a message for donald trump and netanyahu after both criticized u.s. policy. kerry delivered an emotional forceful and a lengthy address. 72 minutes. he was at the state department after netanyahu and trump attacked the u.s. for refusing to veto condemning israeli settlements. the long standing policy said the settlements are undermining efforts by sabotaging a solution and netanyahu disagrees. trump is standing by him and here's john kerry today. >> no american administration has done more for israel's security than barack obama's. here is a fundamental reality. if the choice is one state, israel can earth be jewish or democratic. it cannot be both. it won't ever really be at
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peace. >> kerry blasted netanyahu as being driven by extreme elements. he ridiculed claim that is the u.s. orchestrated that vote as conspiracy talk and had a clear message for trump. >> president obama and i know that the incoming administration signalled that they may take a different path. this is a time to stand up for what is right. we have long known what two states living side by side in peace and security looks like. we should not be afraid to say so. >> when we sat down with my colleague, they had more tough talk with allies and adversaries. >> they are not going to be sway and intimidated by a sweet. >> they are going to pursue the interests. >> the white house appears ready to have a parting shot at intelligence, specifically on russian hacking.
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they connarm according to two officials, steps against russia for hacking of democratic targets and attempting to interfere in the election. secretary of say the john kerry did not mince words on the impact of russian hacking in that interview with andrea. >> i think that all of the cyber attacks that are taking place and particularly the russian one had a profound impact on our system. on our political process. it invaded the space of our election. the releasing on a regular basis of one party's stolen e-mails had an impact. >> i am joined by the israeli ambassador to the united states. nice to see you and happy hanukkah. >> appreciate you being here. >> john kerry said the new administration has done more for
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israel security than obama's. trump said they are treating israel with total disdain. they can't be both. which is it? >> first of all, it's not true that no administration has done more for israel's security. i would say that no action has undermined it as much as the iranian nuclear deal. president obama has done important things to strengthen the security. >> with the $38 billion. >> military assistance and intelligence and security cooperation. that is all true. strategically, the iran nuclear deal under might bed the security in a dramatic way and we have a council resolution that essentially helps those who are waging a legal and diplomatic and economic war against israel and it gives them ammunition. that's why we were so disappoint and we appreciate everything this president has done for israel's security, but many things under mine that security. >> obviously there will be a new
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president. do you take donald trump at his word. earlier here's what he said on the network. he said he would be neutral on the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians. let me be a neutral guide. i don't want to say whose fault it is. i don't think that helps. what is your reaction? can you trust donald trump? >> yes, i think he will be a strong supporter of israel and you heart the secretary of state give a speech where he blamed his real. that was a blame israel speech. >> what about donald trump gives you faith? >> that speech went on for 72 minutes. it was basically to ex-coreiate israel for why we have not had problems with israel. a peace offer was given by an israeli prime minister and that was reject and it followed a wave of terrorism against israel. i did not hear that another sweeping peace offer was given and rejected by the plirnians. >> he said there was no
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justification for terrorism and he was critical of terror and said they had to be two parties involved for peace to exist. >> the amount of that speech devoted to terrorism compared to that devoted to settlements. this administration for eight years cast the blame for the failure to reach peace on to israel. that happened from day one of this administration. they have said that the settlements are the reason why we don't have peace. we had come out of a war in gaza where we had thousands of rockets fired at us and after we had with drawn, uprooted the settlements which was not mentioned today. >> to be clear, the past resolutions and a un resolution where the administration voted in support. that's the not first to do something similar. my question is specific to donald trump. what is it that gives you faith that he will do for israel what president obama has not done? >> it is the first
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administration to do that. that same bush administration over where they would build and not build. the incoming administration will be a supporter of israel and we hope we can work them at advancing security and peace in the region. that was made harder by the council resolution that shifted the goal post towards the palestinians before we get down to the table by saying this is all your land. why should they make peace with them? >> that has been litigated heavily and we heard from the prime minister of israel. i want to ask you about the pick to be the ambassador and a man who is a fierce critic of the two-state solution. he said earlier this year, specifically said there has never been a two-state solution, only the narrative. do you agree? >> i will say two things.
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having an ambassador who is close to a president or a prime minister is a huge advantage for our bilateral relations. this ambassador will be an excellent choice and we look forward to working with him and the trump administration. ambassadors do not set the policy. as much respect as i have for ambassadors, the ones who set the policy, they set out the policy clearly in a speech seven years ago where he is for a solution of two states for two peoples. and the u.s. said ambassador. this is not a new problem. in the waping days of obama's presidency, they made this the story about the settlements. if people remember what happened in 2 247bd 9, you will see
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before all of the construction that happened in the years of the obama administration. >> i think you will have a policy of no daylight. that would be different than the policy you had over the last eight years. judging from expressions of support on both sides of the aisle, republicans and democrats alike which we deeply appreciate, i believe they will be a strong push to mitigate the dangers and the damage of this to repeal it. hopefully to work with israel side by side to advance peace and security. thes who want peace is our children and our future. it is not a secretary of state
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who wants peace more than the people. >> we face 5600 new developments. >> some people feel that these areas, these settlements are like kevin costner and dances with wolves. that's not what we are talking about. will future palestinian states accept of presence of jews in their state? or is the policy of the united states that any future palestinian state should have no jew there is? that is what it means when you say the settlements undermine in a two-state solution? they should working to to advance the peace where they live together side by side. a lot of changes were happening and that draws us closer to arab states.
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senator, thanks for your time. >> ambassador dermer is strong and capable for the interests of israel and the views of prime minister netanyahu. i agree. broadly speaking that a two-state solution for two peoples, one where a demilitarized state recognizes the right of the newish homeland to exist. there is real tension between obama and netanyahu and some of that boiled over today in the speech that you heard delivered earlier by secretary of state john kerry. >> senator, did john kerry's speech make things worse? it seems to have inflamed things
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as the administration is weeks from being out the door. >> although i deeply respect secretary kerry's very hard work in pursuit of peace, i question the timing and the purpose of today's speech. he spent and criticized the policy of israel and very little time talking about how that was. there have been real difficulties. and some of the recent decisions by the netanyahu government and in terms of increasing the pace of settlement activity. they can be seen as moving away from a two-state solution. the way for us to make progress is not by speeches given in the last three weeks. they are pushing both parties
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and not in a public scolding such as secretary kerry delivered today. >> what do you think is the future of the u.s. alliance between donald trump and benjamin netanyahu? >> it's tough to know what president-elect trump will do on any issue in the course of his campaign he changed positions so many times on many key core issues. but who he is choosing as the ambassador does send a strong signal. this is someone who has criticized the prospects for a solution and strongly supported the settlement activity deep in the west bank. i am concerned about what that suggests and the intentions in terms of the policies he would support. here's what i am most concerned about. for decades, there has been support in congress for israel security. some of the actions in the last two years by prime minister
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netanyahu and president obama have frayed that bipartisanship. i don't think president-elect trump is going to contribute to a restoration of strengthening if he doesn't meet and consult with us and spend more time preparing for the difficult part of his leadership rather than tweeting about it in advance of inauguration day. >> i want to switch gears if i can to the russian hacking. this white house on its way out. what good is a retaliation against russia by the outgoing administration if not supported by the incoming administration. we expect we could hear more about what it will lock like in the next 24 hours. >> russian hacking directly sought to affect the out come of our 2016 presidential election is nothing less than a direct attack on our democracy. while long overdue, it is appropriate for the obama administration to take strong action and there will be
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bipartisan support for that. the most concerning thing about president-elect trump's position is his lack of clarity. vladimir putin is no friend of the united states and we shouldn't be trying to wipe away the very real differences between the united states and russia in our values and strategic interests and must stand up to hacking that sought to influence our election or we are going to face more aggressive cyber attacks on our infrastructure by opponents the world over. >> will they hold hearings on a way to retaliate? >> i expect they will. chairman bob corker intends to hold hearings and i would support that. we should have had hearings months ago. i called for them in august when there was clear evidence of russian attempts to influence the election and president-elect trump inappropriately invited russia to try to hack into secretary clinton's e-mails. this is months overdue, but i am
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optimistic about the intelligence and foreign relations committees early in the new year. >> coming up, a tense transition digging into the rocky relationship between president obama and president-elect trump. what it means for the transition of power. we have brand-new comments from donald trump on american jobs. you are watching "mtp daily" stay tuned.
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moments ago, president-elect donald trump stepping out his property talking about the economy and the transition. here's what he said. >> we just had very good news. because of what's happening and the spirit and the hope, i was just called by the head people at sprint and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the united states and taking them from other countries. they are bringing them back to
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the united states. and some other people were very much involved. i want to thank them and a new company is going to be hiring 3,000 people. that's very exciting. we have a combination of sprint with 5,000 jobs coming back into the united states which is a nice change. and also one web has 3,000 jobs. that's a new company. that was done through masa. a terrific guy. we appreciate it. okay? >> mr. president-elect, did you speak with president obama today? >> i did. he phoned me and we had a nice conversation. >> did you bring up your concerns about the roadblocks? >> we had a general conversation. i think the secretary's speech spoke for itself. but we had a very, very nice conversation. > . >> you want the u.s. to leave the un.
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the un is not living up to their potential. they have tremendous potential, but they don't solve problems. they cause problems. if it lives up to the potential, it's a great thing. if not it's a waste of time and money.
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>> per welcome back. president-elect trump had a nice conversation with president obama today. after the two both promised an easy transition, the warm feelings appear to have been cooling off in recent days. tension between the two men has been growing on more than foreign policy after president obama said he could have beaten trump if he was running in 2016. trump tweeted "president obama campaigned hard and personally in the important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again." earlier today he tweeted " doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory roadblocks.
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thought it would be a smooth transition. not". perry bacon is a reporter and joining us from the naacp and msnbc contributor. nice to see you long distance. i will give you first to you if i can. on the two enormous conditions with israel and russian hacking. the outgoing administration is clearly trying to see trump's tweet. he had a nice conversation. the simple question is what does this mean for the next three weeks and beyond. this crumbling between the two? >> what are concerns me is his tweeting and it makes a lot of people nervous. he seems to have no problem provoking major corporations and major nations and provoking the
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leader and we as a people want a president with an even hand and who has more discipline in the communication. that to me is the x factor here. >> what was the straw that broke the camel's back for donald trump as it were? shawn spicer is soon to be the press communications adviser and they have been generous and other things have been going smoothly. perhaps barack obama's commends saying they would beat them. what set this off? >> they have a difference in policy. a lot of people agree with donald trump and not president obama. they want to use today to criticize them and that issue i would argue that a lot of people are with him against president obama. i would argue that donald trump
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is in a land by himself. the administration and donald trump is the only one not joining that argument. i'm not sure about the point. he picked up where benjamin netanyahu and all the government leaders left off in to john kerry. my question is about donald trump. do they want the aggressive posture on a two-state solution or the case that they have been
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going, barack obama made a speech. that was the initiative remains ambivalent for stating the parameters of a two-state solution. dave insisted that this has been policy going back decades. the carter administration called settlements illegal. they came in with a view that's the cause in the middle east and the settlements were the cause of the problem. donald trump is coming in with a very different view. the u.s. public has been supportive of america playing an active role in the peace process. not supportive of the un dictating terms to israel. that's where i think this
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resolution breaks with the past. secretary kerry called it balanced and it harms israel by subjecting it to boycotts and doesn't harm the palestinians in any way. >> the u.s.-israel relationship, how does it change and what does it look like and how high of a priority is this even though it is a flash point in the final days of the obama administration. >> the most important thing is that the people of this country as a whole want to see that country be secure and want to see peace come and want to know that is more complicated than saying ra ra for one side or the other. they want to make it more simplist simplistic. they came across as a bit. i'm not sure that helps. >> the next three weeks. are we looking at a slugfest? this is not going pretty.
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president obama saying i would have beaten you. they said. >> i think it's more he realizes that trump is a relationship guy. is trump going to go it alone and turn back everything they do in the final waning days in terms of retaliation? the incoming secretary. tar are it seems clear.
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rex tillerson's pick has a close relationship with vladimir putin. >> the thing we pushed back is they would not like to be bullied. he feels he is getting pushed around on the world stage. >> his thing with putin is very disconcerting to a lot of people. those of us who grew up in the cold war to see someone to the russian leader the way he did in the campaign when he called on russia for help. the way it does feel that putin has his number. that's disconcerting and all the stories. they said they may have a dosier that could be embarrassing to him. he has to change his relationship to putin and i think a lot of his base overtime. >> eliana perry and we will get
2:30 pm
back to you. still ahead, why where does the president-elect stand on national security and foreign policy issues. we will lay out trump's positions in his own words. you are watching "mtp daily" the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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we have been talking about the issues president trump will have to confront. we wanted to look back at the 18 times donald trump appeared on "meet the press" or during the campaign. we begin with isis. you want to knock the hell out of isis, how? >> i want to take away their
2:38 pm
wealth. they went into iraq and it was a mission mistake. now we are there and you have isis. i said this was going to happen. iran will take over iraq and that is happening as sure as you are sitting there. and isis is taking over a lot of the oil. i said you take away their wealth and you take back the oil and take over the oil which we should have done in the first place. >> it's going to take ground troops. >> that's okay. we are going to have so much money. what i would do with the money we will make which is tremendous. i would take care of the families of the soldiers that were killed. >> you have the other shows and the certain people. >> sorry there a go to for you? >> probably. >> every president has the two or three. i like bolton.
2:39 pm
he is a tough cookie. he knows what he is talking about. >> ambassador john bolton. >> colonel jack jacobs and i see him on occasion. this horrible deal with iran. this deal, you would have the prisoners back years ago. >> iran would still get money. >> do you believe that? >> let me ask you a question. i understand a lot of people are critical of the deal, but what deal wouldn't give iran money? >> we will never give you back your money. we will never give you back your $150 billion. that's number one. number two, before we start negotiations, you have to give us our prisoners. you have to give us without question, you have to give them back. you don't want them, but we do and it will help us make a better deal together. that's good for you. i would tell them up front, you will never get your $150 billion back. they are going to be such a
2:40 pm
wealthy and powerful nation, they will have nuclear weapons and they are going to take over parts of the world that you wouldn't believe and i think it's going to lead to nuclear holocaust. i will say this. the people that negotiated that deal namely kerry and his friends are incompetent. >> what are do you do on day one? this is a deal that secretary gates basically said he didn't like the deal. he thought they wanted the deal too much. >> they begged for it. they should have doubled up. >> and then he said can't pull out of the deal because of the international. what do you say? >> it's a nice gay. >> they said we are going to rip up the deal. i'm a deal person. >> you get that. >> i will police that. i have taken over bad contracts with people who screwed up. >> you have to buy it back. >> i find things within the contract and i would police that contract so tough that they
2:41 pm
don't have a chance. as bad as the contract is. i will be so tough on that contract. >> the deal lives in a trump administrati administration. >> it's very hard to say we are ripping up and by the time they got in there they would have received the $150 billion. if the deal gets rejected, they still get the money. >> they would be better if gadhafi and assad and saddam were still there? >> not even a contest. it's not even a contest. iraq is a disaster. >> they would be better if saddam was there. >> isis came out of iraq. i like that put is bombing the hell out of isis. putin has to get rid of isis. he doesn't want them to come into russia. >> why do you like him? >> i don't trust him, but we both get very good ratings. did i get the ratings or did he?
2:42 pm
it's not a question of trust. i don't want to see the united states -- we spent now -- we spent $2 trillion in iraq and a trillion in afghanistan. we are destroying our country. here's the problem. we are fighting assad and we are fighting for people and helping people that we don't even know who they are. they may be worse than assad. they may be worse. they may be worse. if assad never happened, if you don't have a problem, you wouldn't have the migration and wouldn't be talking about the countries with what's going on in europe and now they are talking about taking 200,000 people that we don't know about and bring them to the united states? it's ridiculous. i'm not justifying putin, but he will get bogged down there. he will spend a fortune and begging to get out. everybody that has gone to the middle east had nothing but problems. >> let me give you one more
2:43 pm
issue where you went counter to what is perceived as republican orthodoxo the issue of israel and the palestinians. you said wednesday you wanted to be neutral in that dispute. explain what neutral means. some heard that in the pro israeli community and thinks he will be anti-israel. explain what you mean. >> they want me -- i'm very pro israel and in fact i was the head of the israeli day parade a number of years ago and did a commercial for netanyahu when he was getting elected. he asked me to do a commercial for him. i did a commercial for him. i am. look, the hardest thing to do is that in terms of a deal, if you are a deal person, the ultimate deal is that deal. israel, palestine, are you going to make it? that probably is the hardest deal there is to make. people are born with hatred. they are taught hatred. it's mostly on one side and not on the other. they are taught hatred.
2:44 pm
if i'm going to be president, i would rather be in a position and i will try the best i can. i am a very good deal maker, i will try to solve the puzzle. you will not solve it on one side or the other. everyone understands it. if i'm going to solve the problem, i want to go in with a clean slate. you never are going to get the cooperation of the other side. >> can the trump right there in his own words still ahead of senator chuck schumer do something trump never did on the campaign trail and gearing up for the fight of the trump administration. you are watching m tr"mtp daily" d car? yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported pretty cool i like it that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't
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. >> he thinks his cabinet nominees should be off the hook. his nominees for treasury secretaries both turned over three years of their tax returns to the senate finance committee, something they asked for as part of the review process. incoming minority leader, chuck schumer said the rest of the cabinet needs to do the same to submit their documents and the democrats's target is the pick rex tillerson who spent his lifeworking at exxon-mobil. in a questionnaire, tillerson said he was willing to provide tax-related information and the relations said the committee
2:47 pm
won't make the request sighting a long standing precedent. schumer for his part is not backing down. will democrats be able to frisk the trump himself escaped. more mtp daily ahead.
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mexico would pay for the wall. that became donald trump's rallying cry from the day he announced his candidacy. now tom cotton said that gave a mandate to cut immigration flow in an op ed. he said closing the border to inexpensive labor will force employers to add benefits and improve conditions to attract and workers already here. immigration could be the first big fight of the trump presidency. they told congress to start their imagines. the panel is back for the lid. eliana johnson and bacon jr. they are all with us.
2:50 pm
cotton frame this is call for a reform under donald trump that was less immigration. he said he has this mandate and he has the republican congress right now. is this all wishful is there a chance that we may see some reform going forward? >> i think this is completely plausible and he is shifting, or putting some meat behind trump's broad ideas and shifting the focus from building a wall and militant border security to immigration flow and restricting the flow, in particular, of low skilled workers into the country. and he is drawing a connection between the high flow of low skilled workers to wages which trump talks a lot about and saying that low skilled workers have an adverse impact on wages of the working class. >> you were a fierce critic of
2:51 pm
donald trump over the course of the campaign. you repeatedly called him and confirmed a racist, xenophobic. are you better satisfied by what you've seen from him in the last month that he may govern in a way that disproves that suggestion? >> what i've been hearing across this last month is about people who are fearful. whose children are fearful. dream here's are changing address addresses. and are these euphemisms? if you're talking about closing borders, are you talking about building a wall? if you talk about reducing the flow in, are you talking about maximizing flow out and rounding up families in the middle of the night and people who grew up here as children and went to college and in a place as dreamers to make great contributions to our economy? are you going to force them out too? that's the concern here. president-elect trump's policies are terrifying and they're
2:52 pm
frankly, they go right against the grain of our country's character. we are not a country that builds walls. we are a country that tears down walls. we did not do everything we did to tear down wall through berlin just to build one across texas. so that's the concern. >> the piece is noteworthy. it says something about a wall or dreamers or force that will round up anybody. >> this is tom cotton's piece. specifically tom cotton talking about this, talks about the idea of a low wage work forceful it is with the pick for labor secretary, the former carls jr. boss. if we were able to hire people here illegally, if they were a way to change their status, that would be a big benefit to us and to everybody who has to hire workers in that category. i think it would be a real boost to the economy.
2:53 pm
these present a long-term problem in trump's administration even with a republican congss? >> yeah. tom cotton is saying we want more high skilled labor and fewer people that the secretary is describing there who would be low skilled labor jobs. i think she's right. that op ed mentioned, the border wall. those are things he ran on. he didn't run on as much the shift we're talking about. but cotton's idea is not a crazy one. democrats support the idea of shifting our immigration force to have more high school immigrants who can create jobs. google and so on. the idea of having entrepreneurial, aets good one. >> i cut you off and i shouldn't. so finish that thought. the point about tom cotton. >> he is championing an argument that a lot of conservatives and republicans have argued that we need to break the bipartisan could not sense us that has the
2:54 pm
ceos paying less than they would american citizens and throws maids in houses and fast food workers that andy puzdner. we need to give higher wages to the working class which many ceos oppose. and could the only says we need to shift our immigration in such a way that yes, ceos will have to pay their employees more but the working class, whatever color, will benefit. >> and donald trump is a generous marker, a brander, i guess you could say. he just came out a short time ago and said sprint will bring 5,000 jobs back to the united states. under president obama last month, there were 178,000 new jobs added.
2:55 pm
president obama didn't come out every time that happened. but this does benefit donald trump. it leads people to believe he is having a real impact on this. >> he is a real brander. he has branded a bunch of irrational policies. you could say that cotton is trying to have a rational conversation. you cannot have a rational conversation on irrational terms. until republican party takes wall off the table. until republican party makes it clear that the dreamers can stay, it will be very hard to have a rational conversation on this issue. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you being here during the holiday time. after the break, how the big apple is bidding a not so fund farewell to 2016. you heard how they do it? we'll show you next.
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many case you missed it, it is good riddance day. did you miss the calendar alert? you might have missed it because it was made up as a holiday. in times square where the holiday was created and where they celebrated, folks had fun celebrating at the good riddance day. there is a slogan. shred it and forget it. there are shredding services. you may have seen all the new year specials. it's been a heck of a 84 so here's to hoping that 2017 a
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year worth remembering. we wish you a great happy and healthy year ahead. that's all for us tonight. >> here are the headlines. clash on the international stage. two very different visions about how to make peace in the middle east. is there tension between president-elect and the president? late today, donald trump talking to report betters his relationship with president obama. plus, protests manned for inauguration day. can trump unite the country? and inside the cia, the agency helped drive the assessment that vladimir putin meddled with the elections. we're hear from the ceo office here interrogated saddam hussein. what the agency gets right and what it gets wrong.


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